Monday, May 11, 2009

Essential Oils In Soap

Hi again.

I have come across some interesting experiences with regard to essential oils in soap. It came about when I made a shampoo bar everyone seems to love. I left it unscented so everyone would be able to use it, even those with sensitive scalp and skin. But, letting others test this bar, as I prefer something more aromatic.

Yet, through the years, I receive some serious positive feedback on the marshmallow shampoo bar. So much so, I finally decided I need to try it, too, even if it is unscented. So, I use it one day.

Up until this point, I have used Lavender shampoo, because I love Lavender. I love my soaps and shampoo to smell like an herbal garden.

But, I just had to try it and see if I liked it more than the Lavender. Well, yes I did. I do have drier hair since I entered womenpause, and this kept my hair from drying out longer, it felt very, very soft, and full of body. But, you see, I like an aromatic bar. So, I decided to make the marshmallow shampoo bar with a blend of essential oils I use for the Marshmallow Bath Bar. Oh, this was very, very nice. Yes, I liked the Marshmallow scented shampoo bar.

Then, as things happen, other scents begged to be used with the Marshmallow shampoo bar. I made Marshmallow Peppermint shampoo, Marshmallow Bergamot Shampoo, and Marshmallow Honey Almond shampoo, as well as Marshmallow Clary Sage Shampoo. I have made 5 more marshmallow shampoo bars with different essential oils and one with an all natural flavor oil. And, the Clary Sage had a touch different ingredients added at trace.

However, 4 shampoo soaps have the exact same ingredients except for the essential oils added. And, the 5th with Clary Sage and sweet almond oil in lieu of avocado oil, and emu oil in in lieu of MEmu oil, definitely is a bit less moisturizing than the other 4 with the MEmu oil and avocado oil.

And, the 4 shampoo bars show slightly different results in the hair upon washing. The Essential Oil blend used first seems extremely kind to drying hair. Softens it a lot, too.

The Peppermint seems to leave an extra shine to the hair and a bit more squeaky clean.

The Bergamot is becoming one of my favorites...softens and detangles and gives a fluff to my hair.

The unscented is very effective in cleaning and rinsing out, but it seems nothing extra is given.

Not very scientific results, I guarantee you that; however, I do think there is definitely a difference in the results of using these soaps beyond just the aromatic aspects. I, for one, think essential oils do make themselves felt in our soaps and shampoos.

I wonder what you think about this?

Thoughtfully, Kathleen