Thursday, October 28, 2010


Hi again.

It might seem an odd time to do this, just before the big Holiday season, however, I feel compelled to change my shop sections.

I have them simplified at this point: products grouped by product category. You know...shampoo bars, bath soaps, butters and oils, lip balms, etc.

At the farmer's market this year, my products were arranged and sold by scent category instead of product category. I have 5 I work with...Fragrance Free products, Lavender, Exotic (like amber, patchouli, vanilla, etc.), Green Herbals, and Fruits and Flowers. This seem to make it easier for customers to find that for which they were looking.

I'm not convinced I should sell this way in my shop. But, I want to change it up and bit and give it some pizzazz for the Holidays. What do you think?

It would look like this: Fragrance Free
From Exotic Lands
Fruits & Flowers
Gift Items
Herbally Green
Lavender Lands
Paks, Pets, & Samplers

as opposed to this: 6 pak, samplers, pet care
Body care, other
Butters and Herbal Oils
Gift Items
Herbal Salves
Lip Balms
Shampoo Soaps
Soaps for the Bath
Special Soaps

Now, I'm in a bit of a hurry to do it IF I am going to do it. I'd want to get it done by November 1. It would only take an hour to do it at most - but the big part is the decision to do it. I am so open to hearing what you think about it. Because, it is not necessary I do it if it would put off shoppers, you know what I mean?

If you want to look at my present shop sections, go to And, I look forward to hearing from you.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tips on Shipping Skin Care

Hi You All
The soap and skin care business is not always a "fun" time, but when it comes to packaging orders to ship around the world, it can be quite enjoyable. I think there is something special about receiving a skin care package that looks like a gift.
I'm not the world's best at anything, I wager, but it seems I can pack a nice box of skin care for shipping. I know this as my feedback continues to come in about it. And, I'd like to share some tips with you. I took some pictures, too.
The first thing I do is line the package. I use Kraft tissue paper, but I think many things can be used...white or print tissue paper, seasonal tissue paper, wrapping paper, etc. You'll see why I line it at the end of this post, but I think it gives it a finishing touch. I've started lining my First Class bubble mailer orders, too. I think it conveys my sense of caring about their products all the way to their door.

I like everything to look "pretty". I think of companies like Godiva, Swiss Colony, Figi's, etc., and how they package their orders so nice. I try to do the same but with regard to skin care.
So, I like to tissue wrap the soaps. I wrap large and small soaps in white tissue paper.

I seal jars that I think may leak (including butters in the summer) with electric tape around the lid and jar. I place them in zipper bags to ensure, if they do leak, they are confined to themselves. If it is a plastic jar, I package it as is. If it is glass, I then wrap it in bubble wrap I've received in my orders. It is perfect to use - still looks good, functional, and recyclable. But, unsightly in relation to all the other packaging, so I wrap all bubble wrapped items in tissue paper, too, and then I top it off with a raffia bow.
I place 4 oz. jars in large zipper bags that I think are not attractive (sandwich bags), so I then wrap them also in tissue paper and raffia bow. I do this with the lotions, too. I place them each in zipper bags then wrap in tissue and bow. The lip balms, tube salves, and small jars look pretty good in just the sealed bags and I think complement the tissue wrapped items - giving the look some variety. Going with this idea, I often will enclose a sample soap unwrapped, like the occasional chocolate that is wrapped - just to offset everything else.
I think it is a good idea to enclose your business card with each and every order. It is not just a business card, but a personal thank you note, too. I write on the back of the cards a note to all my customers. Selling online, you have to make an extra effort for the personal touch. So, I have all the orders ready and the cards enclosed. When I begin processing printing labels, I write each card at that time, pulling on all the experiences I share with each particular customer. This goes into my little note.

After the label is printed and trimmed to fit, I close the package by tucking the top half of the liner over the order. I'm still after that gift package idea, so when receiving an order, the customer opens the liner first and sees the "gift" or you know, their order. It seems to be, overall, a nice experience, they say.
The motivation to do this comes from how I would like to receive a package. It seems to provoke a feeling of joy, and if I can spread some of that around? ~it seems to come back around. :)

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed the post and pics. ~kathleen