Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Artisan/Crafters' Directory

"simply elegant skincare by Sweetcreekherbs"

This is an awesome newly devloping site to bring artisans and fine craftspeople together in one place with which to advertise themselves and their handmade goodies.

They allow you to develop a profile, listing each and every place someone may connect with you from all your shops to all your social sites. If you click onto the title of this blog, you will see a spotlight you may put together that shows off your own items, or items with which you are enthralled by others. This spotlight resides in the directory where others may find you that may not find you any other way.

The people who put this site together are awesome! They are super friendly and will help with any and everything to help you manage their site. The forums have been a super guide for me.

And, customers from everywhere can go to one place and find an artisan of the ilk for which they are looking. It's great. Come on and see for yourself. Just click on the Title of this blog or go visit

Thanks! Kathleen
ps. this enters me into a contest through this site for 8 bars of homemade soap I didn't make. How cool is that? :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sweet Creek Herbs is Leaving eBay!

Hi friends:

This is a little tough to write, because I made some real good customer friends at the first online store I had. But, I am up against the wall, and it is time to make a decision. It is a tough decision, but my eBay store has to go.

This little store costs me $30.00 a month to maintain and this is without one listing. Each listing is 3 cents that renews every 30 days, and I maintain about 90 listings. And, there is the 12% commission for what sells that is the highest online anywhere.

But, I am grateful to this site for giving me the opportunity to develop experience and confidence selling online. I learned a very lot, and I know this knowledge will help me always.

But, now I am at Etsy, Artfire, my own domain at I'm looking at other handmade sites, such at,, and others like these.

And, I am now developing a profile at This is a new site developed for all sorts of artisans and handcrafters to develop a directory for their wares, and a site for those who would purchase handmade to have a huge selection of artisans and crafters from which to choose to shop. I am excited to be a part of this community.

My hope in all this is that I do not lose the dearest customers I gained through my eBay store. This is why I am blogging about this issue. When they look for me online, I hope they find this blog to explain my actions. My last day to be open will be February 28. March 1 will be no more eBay store for sweetcreekherbs.

Thank you.

Kathleen of SweetCreekHerbs

ps. My Chamomile Shampoo Bar was selected to represent sweetcreekherbs at the etsy storque bath and beauty voting polls. I would be so honored if you would go by this site and vote for my shampoo bar. I don't know what voting will do, but it might be fun! Thank you very much.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Perks Living the Rural Life

Hi again.
People tell me I have it rough. I live out here in the sticks of Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee 30 minutes from anywhere (depends on who's driving). I've lived here since 1995 and wouldn't live in the city again unless I had no choice.

We use wood for heat. We grow, harvest, hunt, and fish our own food. We cultivate our own herbs for my skin care business. We cook our own meals. And, we are lucky to have privacy. Because, privacy would be the hardest thing to give up.
I'm blogging about rural living today, because I have something really cool to show you.

This breed of chicken is called Buff Orpington. They have real big legs - can you see? My husband has been trying to raise them naturally to a bigger brood of hens. We started with one, she hatched a few and lost her life to a racoon while her chicks were still bidees. A few made it, and now, two years later, we are up to 12 hens. It is a tough life for a baby chick. She or he may get stepped on by another hen, picked up and shook, drown in a many things can happen to quickly end the life of a chick. Now, when they become grown, they are extremely tough animals.

These birds are known for laying in the winter. We are getting 4 to 8 eggs a day right now, and they are absolutely delicious. Something you can't taste from a grocery store unless they get their eggs locally.

And, aren't they beautiful. George (husband) just brought them in this evening, washed them and shows me. "Oh, let me take a picture", I tell him, "I'll blog about this tomorrow". I could tell that made him feel proud! And, of course, that makes me feel good. And, then, you thing leads to another...♥

And, anyway, what do you think of that egg in the middle? Isn't it huge?

Also, we have one white hen! We are not sure where it came from, but we think it lays the greenish eggs. They are a bit more watery than the brown ones.

I know I usually do not blog two days in a row, but I had something to talk about today. I hope you enjoy it, too.

Thank, as always. Kathleen

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Crocheted Tunic Update #3

Good day, surfers.

It is a cold morning here, in northeast Tennessee. 12 degrees farenheit began my morning; but the sun is popping out this morning to dispel any thoughts of bad weather. I do hear, however, we may be getting a snow storm tonight! Oh dear! This is the time of year I'm over the snow and ready for the warm weather spring will bring.

I have finished the front of my tunic and getting ready to start the back piece today. I took pics of the front piece taped to the dress form in the pics.

The part I'm not crazy about is the sweetheart part of the neckline. It gives the effect I want, but the stitching part could be improved upon, I dare say!

I am double crocheting a big part of this mostly for speed. The single crochet rows are for effect (like at the waist) and coverage (at the bra line). I don't want to have to wear an undershirt under this piece.
I like it pretty much. It is definitely a winter tunic. It will be heavier than what I would want to wear in the summer. But, it might suffice on a chilly spring or fall day, too. It sure is following the contour of my favorite tee shirt:

What do you think?
The next step is the back piece to match the front piece. Then, I will sew the sides and crochet sleeves right into the garment. At that point, I will show you update number 4 - the sewn piece getting ready for the sleeves.
Thanks for being interested. It is a very soft piece of fabric. I think it will make a great tunic piece. You, my readers, are motivating me to finish this potential lovliness. I am excited about that.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Site Information, Updates and Upgrades!!

Good Day, WebFriends:

First, I would like to say that I have been accepted into a group that is based at This group calls themselves EGCG or Etsy Green and Clean Guild, in which they claim honesty and integrity in the label process and claims made. Cool!

This group has recently put a group page up on Facebook and would like to extend an invitation to all that would like to join their Facebook group. The URL address is Come on by.

Oh, my Facebook page, by the way, is two-fold. I have a personal page at

and a business page at

Come on by and be my friend, fan, or graffiti my wall! Lol

There are also a couple of site that have written of my shampoo bars, if you would like to look at them. This is a research undertaken by an individual who contacted all the shampoo bar making companies, requested or bought samples, and critiqued them on her site. When I'm down, even slightly, I can read this blurb and feel pretty good again. :) This site you may have to request sweet creek herbs in the SEARCH section. This is what I have to do, anyway. The customer, Jen72, has, become quite a valuable customer to me. I am very thankful for her testimony.

I hesitate to give them up, because they both mention competitors. But, gosh, I would think by now you know I have competitors. I still think I make a great bar of soap and shampoo, but I have to think others do, too. :)

To help myself in that department, I have lowered all my shipping costs. I am going to primarily use first class where under 10 or so ounce, and flat rate for the rest. This is going to save everyone money, including me whenever I got caught short (which is too many times!!).

My crocheted tunic is going a little slower than I would like. I do have the front done except for the single crochet row up the two sides of the front piece.

When that is done and pictures are snapped and edited, I will post a continuation for the Jaeger Roma tunic I am doing. I think it will make a nice winter tunic for someone who is hot flashing a few times everyday!!

I have some other fun pages I am putting together, too. I will post them for you when they are up to snuff.

I thank you all. Yours, Kathleen

Friday, February 6, 2009

Crochet Project (Tunic) Update

Good day, fellow webbers:)
I've not been avoiding you all. I live in northeast Tennessee, and school has been out all week with the weather. With the family here instead of out where they belong my seven hours a day, I find myself backed up somewhat. I've managed to twitter a bit, make a couple of soaps, and list a few new items in both shops.

I've turned my Artfire shop into my crochet world. These crochet items were listed on etsy (and some still are - work in progress), but I like them in their own store, and I like the soaps in their own store. Whether they sell or not?........But, I will change them up even if they don't.
The worse thing is I've not had time to crochet. I have the first side of my tunic just about done, but this is my first day alone again (boy went with man to work!!). I may have some time today. I am posting what I've got done. But, I hope to dwell on it a bit more the next time, too.

One thing is bothering me. I've downloaded java software in order to print international shipping labels, and I still get nothing. I would be much more hip on shipping international if it was as easy as shipping domestic!! It's quite disappointing. I guess my next move would be to go to java website and ask them why.

I'm going to make some soaps tomorrow, continue labeling soaps in their new labels, and manage to crochet a few rows. If so, Sunday, I'll be back with a crochet update.

Thanks for following me.♥ And, thanks to you others who read me.

Sincerely, kathleen