Friday, February 6, 2009

Crochet Project (Tunic) Update

Good day, fellow webbers:)
I've not been avoiding you all. I live in northeast Tennessee, and school has been out all week with the weather. With the family here instead of out where they belong my seven hours a day, I find myself backed up somewhat. I've managed to twitter a bit, make a couple of soaps, and list a few new items in both shops.

I've turned my Artfire shop into my crochet world. These crochet items were listed on etsy (and some still are - work in progress), but I like them in their own store, and I like the soaps in their own store. Whether they sell or not?........But, I will change them up even if they don't.
The worse thing is I've not had time to crochet. I have the first side of my tunic just about done, but this is my first day alone again (boy went with man to work!!). I may have some time today. I am posting what I've got done. But, I hope to dwell on it a bit more the next time, too.

One thing is bothering me. I've downloaded java software in order to print international shipping labels, and I still get nothing. I would be much more hip on shipping international if it was as easy as shipping domestic!! It's quite disappointing. I guess my next move would be to go to java website and ask them why.

I'm going to make some soaps tomorrow, continue labeling soaps in their new labels, and manage to crochet a few rows. If so, Sunday, I'll be back with a crochet update.

Thanks for following me.♥ And, thanks to you others who read me.

Sincerely, kathleen

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