Thursday, February 12, 2009

Site Information, Updates and Upgrades!!

Good Day, WebFriends:

First, I would like to say that I have been accepted into a group that is based at This group calls themselves EGCG or Etsy Green and Clean Guild, in which they claim honesty and integrity in the label process and claims made. Cool!

This group has recently put a group page up on Facebook and would like to extend an invitation to all that would like to join their Facebook group. The URL address is Come on by.

Oh, my Facebook page, by the way, is two-fold. I have a personal page at

and a business page at

Come on by and be my friend, fan, or graffiti my wall! Lol

There are also a couple of site that have written of my shampoo bars, if you would like to look at them. This is a research undertaken by an individual who contacted all the shampoo bar making companies, requested or bought samples, and critiqued them on her site. When I'm down, even slightly, I can read this blurb and feel pretty good again. :) This site you may have to request sweet creek herbs in the SEARCH section. This is what I have to do, anyway. The customer, Jen72, has, become quite a valuable customer to me. I am very thankful for her testimony.

I hesitate to give them up, because they both mention competitors. But, gosh, I would think by now you know I have competitors. I still think I make a great bar of soap and shampoo, but I have to think others do, too. :)

To help myself in that department, I have lowered all my shipping costs. I am going to primarily use first class where under 10 or so ounce, and flat rate for the rest. This is going to save everyone money, including me whenever I got caught short (which is too many times!!).

My crocheted tunic is going a little slower than I would like. I do have the front done except for the single crochet row up the two sides of the front piece.

When that is done and pictures are snapped and edited, I will post a continuation for the Jaeger Roma tunic I am doing. I think it will make a nice winter tunic for someone who is hot flashing a few times everyday!!

I have some other fun pages I am putting together, too. I will post them for you when they are up to snuff.

I thank you all. Yours, Kathleen


  1. I saw your Chocolate mint cocoa buuter soap on The Soap Log@ Twitter. Loved it.

  2. Thank you , daisysoapgirl. I had to research soaplog to see what you are talking about, but I found it. I am following you on twitter, now, too. Thanks for the compliment. You have a beautiful and fulfilling blog page going on. I would join but couldn't find where to do that. I appreciate your kindness. Yours, kathleen