Thursday, October 22, 2009

22 New Listings at Etsy!!

Yes, I know, and I apologize most sincerely. I went into a funk phase and found myself creating some new items like crazy, soaps and other skin care, and here I am on the other side.
It's been a tough time, no lie. I've been ill, my car wouldn't take me to 2 market days, and the rain has kept me from the rest. Hard to do without when you are use to doing with.
But, I cannot argue with the results, and maybe that is what it takes sometimes, a down time to let the creative juices flow.
I welcome you to my shop between now and January 1 to view all lovely 22 new products, as well as substantial price decreases on the rest.
I'm posting this on Twitter and Facebook; I'm also celebrating my 600th sale at Etsy by giving the next three orders at my Etsy shop a FREE Foot Soak bag, value $2.95. No minimum order required.
Thank you and everyone who visited and bought from my shop; the reason I'm celebrating today. :D ♥♥♥