Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lip Tints Are Here To Stay!!!

Hi again.

I'm here to tell you about a new product.   Oh, yes, I've tried them in the past, but I kept banging me head against the wall using Lanolin in my recipe.  I was determined to use Lanolin, because that is a good medium for lipstick, it is said.

Using lanolin, my lip tints became hard and sticky.   Color did show up but not as I would have it....smooth and silky.  I would get frustrated with the quality of my lip tint, then take it back out of my shop and display.  I did this twice in two years.  It certainly posed a challenge.  Was I up to it?  Could I make my lip tint smooth and silky and with a bit more color?

I love my lip balms, but sometimes I like a bit of color to my face without wearing make up.  Even though I make products that I don't particularly enjoy myself, I am more motivated if I do.  Apparently, I was motivated.   Three things were changed in this attempt, and all three seem to show such good results.

1.  Well, lanolin is not the only medium!  So, I went to the drawing board for a third time a couple of weeks ago.   I decided to try castor oil and eliminate lanolin altogether.  I don't use lanolin in any of my other products.  I just had some on hand out of curiosity and thought this would be a good use for something I don't use anywhere else.  (Guess I won't be buying any more lanolin for awhile.)  Truthfully, I thought the tint would be too soft.  I really thought I was going to have to do a mix.  But, for now, I'd try this tint with castor oil only. 

2.  Another new tack I took was mixing my color before I made the tint instead of mixing it in the warmed liquid of the tint.  I mixed the colors as you would for make up.  I crushed the powders together to get that right color for the three shades.  Oh, that was fun!  And so much more efficient!  Then, with my recipe in the warm liquid state, I added a substantial measure of color.   It looked just like warmed melted lipstick in a glass cup.  It is beautiful, I thought.

3.  Then, I poured this lovely liquid into a .07 oz. slim natural tube.  These tubes are smaller than lip balm tubes..more narrow and finer application.  This tube can put the color at the top of your lips easily without going off the lips.  The slim tube has an elegant appearance, and because of its unusual shape, is easier to find in our purses and bags.  It's long, so it doesn't get lost in your pocket.   What had stayed me from using these in the past is I thought it would be hard to pour such thick liquid into these slim tubes.  Surprisingly, they poured quite well.

Have you tried one, yet?  Oh my, my!!!  This is my ideal lip tint.  Castor oil worked like magic!  This tint is quite hard in the tube, but goes on soft, smooth, and silky.  It leaves a color almost like soft lipstick.

This month only (February, 2012), for every order $10 or more, you get one of these free with your purchase.  You can even choose the color you prefer. If you enjoy lip balms and color on your lips, this is quite the product.  Bees wax, aloe butter, and castor oil make up the balm, and lip safe sparkle micas and oxides make up the color.  Each tint is fragranced with a companionable flavor oil.  I made Cherry Red (with maraschino cherry all natural flavor oil), Strawberry Pink (with strawberry cheesecake flavor oil), and Chocolate Bronze (with dark chocolate flavor oil).  They are all delightfully smooth, silky, sweetly fragranced, and lovely to wear.  You may want one of each!!!

Thank you!