Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Thyme to Blog Again

It seems (ha!) I've been remiss in writing posts here.  I've maintained but not increased!  This needs to change, and I'm working on it now.

I've gone through some changes in the last couple of years - some major changes.  My partner of 9 1/2 years is gone now - for 2 years.  Things had degraded so bad, I wasn't sure I would be able to continue being a professional soap maker.  The land around our home had become a landfill (partner bringing home "treasures" found in "dumps"), our home had become a mess, and our hearts were broken.  My 16 yr old son was scared to death and took his frustration out on me.

Through the mire and the muck, we turned things around.

Except for my school loan, I'm now debt free.  The land around our home is cleaned up 90% with 5 cords of wood, presently, for the coming winter.  We now have a well with running water in the home...a new development.  I spring cleaned my home last late winter, and it's clean and clutter free.  My soap making ingredients are all organized and easy to access.  Our hearts are mended, too.  My (now) 18 yr old son and I are very close with few frustrations.  And, I've been able to continue slowly build my business and maintain self-employment.  Also, as with so many other times, other family relations began to improve, as well.  It's amazingly true, but once I begin to put my own life in order, other outer situations seemed to fix themselves!

So now, 2+ years later, things are much better than they were.  We have enjoyed improvements in our finances, environment, and feelings.  Life is good again, and it is thyme to now start building on our improvements.  We no longer need to mend, we need to build on what was made good.

My son is enjoying a relationship with another 2 years now.  And, we've become a family.  This family is full of love, hope, encouragement, and help.  I think I'm ready to focus more time on the business end of things and to build on that.  I hope you forgive me for the lapse of posts and enjoy what is to come.  In the meantime, enjoy some pics of a new family!

Thanks for reading...Kathleen

Local Farmer's Market 2013

Jeremy n Paige

Michael n Maddox

market day