Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Artisan/Crafters' Directory

"simply elegant skincare by Sweetcreekherbs"

This is an awesome newly devloping site to bring artisans and fine craftspeople together in one place with which to advertise themselves and their handmade goodies.

They allow you to develop a profile, listing each and every place someone may connect with you from all your shops to all your social sites. If you click onto the title of this blog, you will see a spotlight you may put together that shows off your own items, or items with which you are enthralled by others. This spotlight resides in the directory where others may find you that may not find you any other way.

The people who put this site together are awesome! They are super friendly and will help with any and everything to help you manage their site. The forums have been a super guide for me.

And, customers from everywhere can go to one place and find an artisan of the ilk for which they are looking. It's great. Come on and see for yourself. Just click on the Title of this blog or go visit

Thanks! Kathleen
ps. this enters me into a contest through this site for 8 bars of homemade soap I didn't make. How cool is that? :)

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