Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Getting Rid of the Old makes way for the New!!!

Good morning from Eidson, Tennessee where it is 5 degree Fahrenheit this morning! A good morning to stay indoors finding things to do.

My husband has actually managed to begin clearing our herb beds for spring. I'm wondering when...was it when it was below freezing...raining...snowing...? When? ☺ But, it is starting to look good. I'll take pics when the temps get above freezing!
This is a short blog to share with you some glad tidings. Although I lost a store online (really, just not the right venue), I've gained three more.
1. Silk Fair is easy and difficult at the same time. I uploaded all my listings from Etsy, but it is a hard store to manage from behind the scenes. A little more experience, if you please. I am honored, though. I was notified that another shop marked me as their "favorite" shop. ♥

2. Shop Handmade is a little different. It is like I'm at a very, very nice Mall, and I must put on a nice display. So, this is a little slow going. But, I am enjoying the process a bit. Must be the Taurus side of me.
3. A very new (yesterday) shop where I have only begun to work out my categories. Hyena Cart, I must say, is an exquisite hosting site that seems both tasteful and vendor friendly. I will post more when I've made more progress here.

And, more news today...ByHand.me (http://www.byhand.me.com/) has named my Chocolate Mint soap as the Artisan Item of the Day. Please go check it out. And, then just below my item is a Voting Question. You may want to voice an opinion there. One that is very dear to My heart. ♥

Okay, enough for now. I want to blog later this week on the International Day of Women. How exciting. I just learned about this. Oh, and come be my friend on Facebook so that we may scavenger hunt together. Whee!
ps. I've listed the links to the new shops here on the upper right. Thanks!


  1. Do you sell your products at any of the stores in Gatlinburg?

  2. Hi Elaine:

    At this time, I do not.

    The funny thing about Gatlinburg and where I live is this...when a few people need some extra cash, they make a batch or two of "lye" soap and take it to Gatlinburg, sell it wholesale, and get some money.

    The other thing is I would not know where to take my soaps. I do sell wholesale to a Spa here in my county, and I'm getting ready to take on another wholesale account.

    Would you have any leads or ideas for me?

    Thanks, Kathleen

  3. Sorry I don't have any leads, I was just curious is all. I love going through all the little artists shops down there. We usually try to visit in the fall when colors peak. Good luck!

  4. Well, I thank you anyway. And, I appreciate the good luck thrown my way.
    Who knows? Gatlinburg might find me! :)