Friday, March 13, 2009

What's Happening...

Hi friends and followers:

It's been awhile, and I would like to catch you up on my goings on.

First thing is first; I had several orders lately, and this is very, very good news. My Etsy store has crossed the 200 sales mark, which is pretty exciting for me. My Etsy shop is 6 months old this month, and I feel some sort of demand has been found. Whoopee! And, wholesale orders are picking up. All good stuff and very busy stuff! :)

And, I'm making new shampoo bars as they become more and more popular. They represent my biggest sale item at Etsy, too. Matter of fact, I've had my first sale today at Hyena Cart, and it was a shampoo bar, too. So, I've made several batches of shampoo lately, both standard and new varieties. One cured and listed is my Marshmallow Honey Almond. Some new ones curing and not listed include Marshmallow Mint, Marshmallow Bergamot, Marshmallow Clary Sage blend, and Rosemary Green Tea.

Also, if I were to name the month of March, I would have to call it the "Month of Give Aways"!!!!! I am giving away a total of 190 sample soaps to 3 different organizations for 4 different reasons. 1 and 2 are EGCG doings - the guild I belong to at Etsy called Etsy Green and Clean Guild. 1 is a Swap with other guild members (yay!), and 2 is a contribution to a Swag Bag the guild is offering from the EGCG Etsy shop. 3 is for ( ) and the donation is purely a marketing tool and 60 soaps goes here. I sent 80 + 10 to Delane Mazaheri of "Experience the Reality of Success" seminar being help in Las Vegas near the end of this month for their "party" bags. This is more like a true donation.

And, I substitute teach and have had more calls than usual. I have two more days scheduled next week. And, here comes Spring, and am I The weather has been an obstacle in the path of my wanting to get to my pre-spring garden work. But, plants wait on no man (or woman!). :)

International Day of Women came and went and whilst so, I was packaging 80 soaps for Las Vegas all that day. This for a seminar of women who own their own small businesses and want to expand. And, using cello bags with the pink ribbon of breast cancer awareness and the red stretch cord of heart disease in women awareness, and WOMEN being the crowding theme of SUNDAY, March 8, International Day of Women. So, I did not blog as I had wished to do, but I did an act that honored the Day and all Women, in general.

I appreciate you coming by and sharing this with me. I'm wanting to do a little skin care writing as spring and summer come along; but there are so many fine skin care writers offered even here on my blog site, that I may just continue writing on so many other situations. We'll see! ☺
Until next time...Kathleen

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