Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hello Friends:

I received an email that tells me today is “International Astrology Day”.

This brings back memories of my life a time ago. An interest in astrology was sparked in the fall of 1981. I began learning astrology at that time. I could put a natal, solar return, and horary chart together in no time by 1986.

It was in 1987 I found Dane Rudhyar’s library of books. I learned that my philosophy agreed with Mr. Rudhyar’s: that astrology is a tool to understand ourselves in a psychological manner; and I learned prediction is not the best way to use astrology. In 1988, I tried using natal and solar charts as psychological tools in a business way; but, nobody wanted to hear that. They want to know the future.

(The problem with astrology and the future is that astrology is only part of the picture. It does not take into account free will. It may show your tendency to be spontaneous, but it won’t tell me when, where, and how...not specifically, and usually, not even generally.)

I continued to accumulate books, knowledge, and practice merrily through 2003 when I rediscovered a book a friend had given me years before. I read it for the first time and learned that Western astrology uses a different ephemeris than Eastern astrology. Eastern astrology practices what may be called “real” time v. “symbolic” time of the West. What does this mean to me (or anyone)? Well, I’m not a Gemini in real time, I’m a Taurus. And, to tell you something, that was a relief for me. Because, if I am a Gemini, I am an awful slow one. But, if I am a Taurus, I’m right on. Like, whew!

In 2003, I redid everyone’s chart!!

In 2004, I lay down my astrology and picked up my soap pot. But, today, when I read that email (of course it was an ad), I was thrilled to remember that I dabble in astrology, and today celebrates it everywhere.

I just wanted to share that. Thanks, Kathleen ☺


  1. I always wondered how all of that worked. You should sell your soap with a side of astrology. :o) Create scents for signs.

  2. That is an interesting idea, Winklepots. I'd have to think of where to start. But, I like it. Thanks for your comment.