Saturday, February 21, 2009

Crocheted Tunic Update #3

Good day, surfers.

It is a cold morning here, in northeast Tennessee. 12 degrees farenheit began my morning; but the sun is popping out this morning to dispel any thoughts of bad weather. I do hear, however, we may be getting a snow storm tonight! Oh dear! This is the time of year I'm over the snow and ready for the warm weather spring will bring.

I have finished the front of my tunic and getting ready to start the back piece today. I took pics of the front piece taped to the dress form in the pics.

The part I'm not crazy about is the sweetheart part of the neckline. It gives the effect I want, but the stitching part could be improved upon, I dare say!

I am double crocheting a big part of this mostly for speed. The single crochet rows are for effect (like at the waist) and coverage (at the bra line). I don't want to have to wear an undershirt under this piece.
I like it pretty much. It is definitely a winter tunic. It will be heavier than what I would want to wear in the summer. But, it might suffice on a chilly spring or fall day, too. It sure is following the contour of my favorite tee shirt:

What do you think?
The next step is the back piece to match the front piece. Then, I will sew the sides and crochet sleeves right into the garment. At that point, I will show you update number 4 - the sewn piece getting ready for the sleeves.
Thanks for being interested. It is a very soft piece of fabric. I think it will make a great tunic piece. You, my readers, are motivating me to finish this potential lovliness. I am excited about that.

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