Sunday, April 4, 2010

Farmer's Market 2010

Hi Folks:

Yesterday, Kingsport Farmer's market gathered to begin another year...for them, their 33rd year...for me, my 5th year. The organization has been through many changes in their 33 years. In my 5 years, we have been relocated twice, now setting up in the same location for the second year. Apparently, this location is our permanent home, but this organization has heard that before.

And, I'm not going to get political about it at this time. I come to show you a new set up I'm trying out. New products are consistently being made for my business, and I've run out of room to show it all at a show or market set up. The oils, butters, and salves table was beginning to overflow last year, and over the winter, I made several new butters.

So, I set up my booth in more of a display manner. My gift table was overflowing for the reason of Easter being the next day. Still sold little of those. My V tables in the background shows more what I'm talking about.

I still do not bring all my stock. But, I give them my business card with my Etsy shop address on it for a more complete view of my inventory.

My reason is that when a table is overcrowded, it is hard to see what is on it. For me, this is the case. So, I thought about this last year, and I am giving it a go this year. One day cannot tell me very much; but I was much more relaxed with my product and its display.

I'm not completely happy with the gift table, though. Yes, I can eliminate the overcrowding, but it seemed the "aisles" between the tables is a bit tight.

What do you all think? I am open to all relevant suggestions. :)

Thanks, Kathleen

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