Monday, October 10, 2011

Shampoo Soap Retraction No. 685

Okay, no...this is my first retraction; however, I can see how this may escalate when there is no way to erase online comments, posts, and more.  And, this is important.

I'm continuing to get messages about the hard water and shampoo bar issue.  My last post on this subject was wrong, and I was corrected in this comment on the same post.  I went to the site to which the comment had directed me, and the answer to why an acidic or chelating rinse is needed in hard water was laid there before me.

Yes, I know.  I didn't make a big deal out of it, did I?  That's the shame, and I apologize.   It seems quite simple now, but the fact is that a chelating agent is needed when rinsing hard water out of our hair.  A chelating agent is a substance that makes minerals and organics water soluble.  When we rinse our hair with hard water, minerals and other substances that are not soap cling to our hair.  A chelating agent makes those substances easy to rinse out and hence the "final" rinse.

Since learning this, I've discovered a supplier that sells chelating agents in powder form and am curious if using in shampoo, would we need a chelating rinse?  My next experiment.

Again, my apologies for misleading you all.  I thought I knew something, but as you see, I did not.  I'm glad to learn this, and I sincerely hope you are, too.  AND, I am always open to knowing I am wrong.  Thank you for that comment, Anonymous!


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  1. It's always good to have more info, and even more when you share it with others!