Monday, December 19, 2011

Facebook Give Away

Good morning.

I am doing a Salt Soap Give Away on my Facebook Business Page.  There are rules and everything!

1st Give Away
Rules: You have 24 hours from time of question to message me your answer.
One answer per person. Second and subsequent answers are not accepted.  You have to have "liked" my business page to qualify for an answer.
Each person with a correct answer has their name written on paper and put into a bowl for random drawing tomorrow morning.
The winner will be announced then. The winner gets a choice of a Salt Soap variety with free shipping (domestic or international).
Here's the question.........

I have 4 soap molds. I make 4 soaps every soap making day. Some days, I'm able to make 5 soaps. How is that possible?

Hint: I've written about this a few times here and in my blogs.
If you would like to participate, use the link above, like the page, and submit your answer.  I would love to see you win!!!

Thank you! kathleen 

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