Sunday, July 5, 2009

New Products Listed in my Etsy Shop

Good Sunday morning to you all.

This morning, I'm in the process of listing some new items at my shop on Etsy. I've listed my handmade Gardener's Salve and Gardener's Lotion Bar for two.

My Gardener's Salve is made with a rich herbal oil consisting of 5 herbs of calendula, chamomile, st. johns wort, nettle, and green tea macerated in extra virgin olive oil, macadamia nut oil, and jojoba.

It has a heavy cocoa butter base and a nice amount of wheat germ oil to work on your skin without penetrating very quickly. Essential oil of Lavender, Rosemary, and Tea Tree (of Australia) are historically used to aid the salve in healing cracked skin. The reason for this salve is the cracked skin of hands and feet.

I've been making this salve for several years. I thought to discontinue it this year, because it is a salve then tends to melt in the heat of summer (at market and shows). This gets the tin oily and messy to handle.

I had a protest on my hands. The customers of this salve are quite loyal to it. I guess it not only helps their skin, but they have told me it repels biting and annoying insects. Wow! A side effect that is NOT harmful!

I decided then to go back to the drawing board and strengthen the salve's hardness and endurance for the heat of summer. And, so I did.

It was a couple more steps to make it a lotion bar. This is a new product for Sweet Creek Herbs. The lotion bar is based from the recipe of the Gardener's Salve, but with some tweaks to create an awesome lotion bar for the hand washing sink (or travel, etc.).

$10.00 for a 2 oz. tin, and
$5.00 for a 22 gram bar in a labeled tin.

Thanks for coming by and seeing what's new. :)kathleen


  1. Isn't it wonderful the power of your consumers? Not only did you realize that you need to keep it in your line, but you were able to better its properties to make it worthwhile for you as well. Yay!

  2. Yes, Christine, it is wonderful. Thank you for your comment, too. I see you are a very supportive person. :D