Monday, July 13, 2009

Thyme In Vinegar

I've made a few herbal vinegars in my time, but the one I enjoy most is Thyme.

Don't is true.

I make a thyme vinegar every year with fresh dried thyme. I pack quart jars with this year's dried thyme and pour apple cider
vinegar over it until covered. I cover them with a lid and place in a sunny window for up to two or more weeks. I shake them at least once every day.

And, while it may be true that creeping thyme has the strongest medicinal qualities, garden or common thyme is most commonly used in cooking, so it is my thyme of choice. I use my thyme vinegar for cooking, a digestive tonic, and a medicine for colon viruses. Using garden thyme allows me to use only one thyme vinegar.

I can share a few ways right off my mind...substitute it for use in barbecue sauce recipes, use it on cooked greens, use it as the vinegar in oil and vinegar dressings for salads, and a few drops on baking fish does a good job, too.

Also, after a heavy meal, like lasagna or spaghetti, or eating too much, I will swallow a teaspoon or two of this vinegar to prevent getting heartburn. The heavy feeling in my belly subsides, too.

Until I made this vinegar, I used lemon juice on colon viruses. Now, I use this vinegar. Thyme is reported to have strong disinfectant qualities, and may be the reason it helps my family.

Oh, btw, while I was outside taking pictures today, I had to take this one. I like to try and capture bees and butterflies on flowers, but rarely remember to do so. I went over to take my first pics of sunflowers this year when I saw this bee. Isn't it a nice pic?

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  1. I love the sunflower & bee. Can I use fresh thyme for the vinegar or must I dry it first?

  2. The thinking behind drying the herb is to get out all the water in the herb. Water is the ingredient that speeds rancidity. So, we want to dry our herbs before making our vinegars or oils, I think. Thyme dries really fast, too. The skinny stems and little leaves make for fast drying. I hope you try this and let me know what you think, Daisy Soap Girl. :)