Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Etsy Finds

I call it "Etsy Finds on Soap Molds and Beveler". I had a lot of fun finding them. I think I'd like to tell you a bit about them.

The first is a hand poured original design mold by Grand Horse. This particular one is a silicone mold of a full size bath bar. I just love it. It is original, and therefore, a bit costly. But, somethings in life are just worth it. This sure looks like one of those items.

The second is by Saharas Supplies. I include it, because this little Etsy shop carries over 100 molds. That is a great selection. And, some of them are very hard to find elsewhere. I especially like the one I included in my "finds".

The third find is by Tart Molds by K. They make their own wax tart molds out of silicone. They are very nice molds for soap embeds or sample/guest size soaps. I especially like the honey bee and honeycomb one.

The fourth find is by Native Baby. She carries quite a few silicone and other molds for soap makers who enjoy animals and other fun shapes. I like the mini loaf pans for melt and pour with soap embeds. But, I had to include the doggy mold. How cute for pet soap!

And, my fifth include is not a soap mold, but a simply and seemingly well-made soap beveler. It is a simple design, but simple designs work best for me. I'm very tempted, here, to check out beveled soaps!!

And, so my dear readers, here are the new Etsy finds of the season. With soap makers every where getting ready for the Holidays, these are great finds to encourage a little creativity and unique displays of rare and beautiful soaps.


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