Thursday, August 27, 2009

Appalachian Fair 2009 Eye Candy

Hi. I'm doing a show at the Appalachian Fair this week. It is a tough week, because this show is 1 1/2 hours from my home, and I am commuting daily. It is also from 3 to 10 pm., and I am usually abed before 10 - so the schedule throws me off a bit. I also demonstrate at this show, and that requires some serious prep work.

I would like to just post some pictures today. I'll be back with some more...but this will get us started.

One of my favorite things about this gig is the herb garden cared for outside the building I do my show. It is the nicest herb garden in a formal setting. I enjoy sitting out here when I take a break. I also walk it before I begin my show. It has herbs from other cultures and many varieties of standard herbs. I just love it.

The museum will raffle off their quilts, one each year. This is a magnificent quilt - pictures cannot do it justice. I keep telling the ladies I appreciate their watching over my quilt like that. I bought 3 tickets! :D

Of course, there are other crafters there, as well. If you are invited to participate, you may demonstrate your craft, set up your booth, and sell your products for free. Other booths cost $550 and $750 each. So, I feel this is a really good gig, a win-win situation, because I am adding to inventory and selling my wares all at the same time for free (just my gas). It is also my time to prove my authenticity to my local customers.

This is my fourth year at the Fair, and these ladies are here every time. They volunteer their time to work on quilts for the Museum during the Fair week. I am impressed with their dedication and skill.

Inside the farm and museum building at the fair are other buildings. There is a small cabin showing beds and other antique furniture. And, there is an old fashioned candy store, too. It is a big hit at the Fair.

This is my Lavender Sea Salt soap at the Fair. I have to tell you it is my best seller so far. I sold 3 Monday, and 3 yesterday. This is the only one with which I've sold 6 soaps. My pet soap is next
with 4.

My set up Monday. It looks different today, mostly
because I thought it looked too busy here. I took out the organza bath teas and some of the gift items, and it seems easier to manipulate with your eyes now. I will take another pic of it today to show what I mean.

And, finally but definitely not least, I meet some
really neat people. And, these ladies were two of the finest.

As always, thanks for looking. You readers are the best in my book. ;)K

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  1. Looks like a great time. You will deserve a rest after all that commuting!