Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Which Flavor Lip Balms to Make???


I'm making lip balms today. The two I made for this winter are killer recipes. They are smooth and glide on so easily and smell awesome. I made Chocolate Mint Lip Balm and Orange Wax Lip Balm, and they have been very popular. Yay!
Now, I would like to make some more. I have this awesome vanilla flavor oil I'd like to mix with some peppermint oil for another new one. But, I'm sitting on some fun flavor oils, too. They include:
Vanilla Hazelnut
Orange Sorbet
French Vanilla
Bubble Gum
Pina Colada
Chai Tea
Pineapple & tangerine
Vanilla (yummy)
I don't use sweetners in my lips balms. Although edible, not a really good thing to, I make them aromatic but not sweet. In fact, flavor oil do not taste - they only smell. So, it wouldn't do us any good to eat it anyway.

I also have several essential oils that may be mixed with the vanilla or such, like the one I'm making with vanilla and peppermint. That is fun, too.
If you would like to have some input into this dilemma, I would love to have it. If not, I'll come up with something, and hopefully, it will be good. Ha ha ha ha
Thanks, Kathleen
ps. Oh, yeah. I'm loving the new natural oval tubes I'm now using. Once I got used to it, I like it better than the round. I notice Avon is using a new oval tube, too. Lol

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  1. I used to make lip balms, but I do not make them for a while. I love handmade lip balms.
    Chocolate mint lip balm sounds great.
    I am going to purchase one now!