Sunday, January 17, 2010

Valentine's Day GiveAway

Hi you all.

I finally have everything ready for a huge giveaway I'm doing now through February 9. This is a double Giveaway, and anyone can enter both of them.

The first giveaway is for a Feet Care Basket. The way to enter for this giveaway is straightforward - just place an order with my Etsy shop. That is all you have to do, and of course, you may do so as many times as you would like. Each order (note: order may be one to many items) placed from now until February 9 gets one entry into the
Feet Care Basket Giveaway. Items gifted are as
pictured here:
Valued at $35.05

The second giveaway is a Valentine's Day Gift Basket with some new products just for Valentine's Day. The entries for this giveaway does not require an order, but does require some other things...if you care to enter...

1. I would like you to follow this blog. :)
2. I would like you to follow me on Twitter at SweetCreekHerbs:
3. I would like you to fan me at my SweetCreekHerbs Facebook Fan page at this address:
4. I would like you to twitter once about this giveaway
and last,
5. I would like for you to comment on one of the giveaway products on my fan page. And, let me know when you have completed the last step - I will check and enter you in the giveaway.

The basket and products for this giveaway are in the following picture, and the value of this basket is $41.65. The items include: Rose Pink clay face soap, Rose petals bath salts, sample rose geranium sea salt soap, sample lavender rose bath soap, Rose damascena absolute in jojoba perfume, Chocolate Cherry Body Butter, Whipped Shea with Bulgarian Rose, Chocolate Cherry lip balm, and a sampler of Winter Butter with Jasmine and coffee butter.
Thank you, and good luck to everyone!!! :)

ps. February 9 is the last day to enter. The random drawing will be held that night. Packages will be in the mail the very next day, priority mail flat rate envelope to get to most of you before Valentine's Day. ♥


  1. Those rose petal bath salts sound fab!

  2. I commented over on Facebook before reading directions, and I did it right, lol! But then, I see whipped shea with bulgarian rose, and if there is one thing I love more than chocolate, it's roses!
    I'm following you on Twitter (klamathriversoap), I'm following you on this blog and tweeted.
    I just wanted to mention I found you thru the Handmade Guru!

  3. valentine's gift, oh please :) so, i already follow you (on your blog and on twitter) and i just became a i off to tweet this as well!

  4. I've just listed those rose salts. :)

    Thank you, Klamath River Soaps. I enjoy your comments. That rose shea is awesome, too. ♥

    Hi Andrea. You are all entered in the drawing. Thank you for your enthusiasm. :)