Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Swag Bags available at EGCG

My Etsy's street team, EGCG, has put together Swag Bags available for sale at the EGCG site on etsy. Just click on the title of this blog, and it will take you there. They are a super value (18 good size sample items) for $20.00 plus shipping. You may want to hurry. It looks like there were 21 and now only 10 are left.

Also, for those who are interested, I found a new site called The Soapmakers' Exchange. It is at, and here you may list for free ads for your skin care goodies or skin care supplies. I placed three ads this morning.

I'm prepping for my first farmers' market set up this Saturday. I do this three times a week beginning in May. I also have a show and herbal skin care talk scheduled for the following weekend. Good thing I have my visuals for that talk, eh?

Once I'm ready for Saturday, I'll write a new post of some new products I'm developing now. ITM, have a great couple of days.

busily, kathleen

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