Friday, April 8, 2011

Elegant Handmade Skin Care Now Ships FREE!!

April's Newsletter

Hi all!!

1) A definite news flash:  Sweet Creek Herbs now ships free (and reduced international) with a $10 minimum. 

I received a LL Bean catalog in which was stated that they were going to Free Shipping on all orders indefinitely, because the founder started the company that way.  It is a big deal in these hard economic times with gas prices increasing daily. It provoked me into thinking if I can offer the same to my customers.

I read in a forum that businesses do not make money when they ship free.  That is incorrect.  It cuts out the retail profit, but there is still wholesale profit. In order to keep the Free shipping indefinite, a small minimum of $10 will prevent losing money. 

2) New Format

You may have noticed some changes taking place in the Shop.  The goal is to create consistency, provide more than one of a product for sale at the same time, and provide feedback in a more convenient manner.

The consistency comes in the title and description.  Are you able to read the title and description with little question in your mind?  That is the goal.  What this means is you won't find Whipped Shea Butter, lavender in a listing.  But, you will find 2 listings of 4 oz. butters and 2 listings of 2 oz. butters of Your Choice - and you will now be able to buy 2 of the same butters without a special order. This will require entering your choice at checkout, and so far, it is working great. Thanks!!

Also, you may notice in all listings but (yet) the soap, feedback for that product. I am pulling (private) feedback from my shop's FEEDBACK and entering into the listings. I will continue to add as we go for your convenience in knowing what others say about it.

Which brings me to my next topic.....

3) Feedback!!!  I have received my first neutral feedback.  And, it seems, right after having received it, quite a few rolled in.  Much like the first one opening the door to a few standing in line.  0_0    Many of my peers and customers scoff at my concern as they seem to take into account my sales:

(Yippee!! > bragging rights>>)
 Over 3000 items sold
         1400 orders
          1900 positive feedback

Yet, 7 (7???!?!?) Neutral feedback as of this writing.  I've become nervous opening up the new feedback to read it.  LOL

Okay, yes, if you read them, you will notice many of them are nothing to do with my product.  hehe   And, all right, it is neutral and not negative.  And, thankfully, it doesn't seem to affect sales. (whew!)

And, I'd like to say for the record, I will not retaliate. In fact, I give positive feedback to every paying customer.

But, it does tend to bum me out when I read them.  If you are one of those 7 and are reading this - I offer to refund your money for your order.  Thanks!

4)  New products have been and are being introduced.  I now offer soy wax tart melts.  Not only are they a blast to create and make, but I love melting them in my personal sized diffuser.  I didn't have to buy a special tart warmer, which pleased me, to test and use my melts.  They are strong and true! One tart can last through several burnings and still continue to scent the air around it!

New soaps include 2 new castile soaps.  I love them! I'm using the scented right now, and it has become my soap of choice. They are made with organic extra virgin olive oil.  At trace, I add activated charcoal, a blend of green and pink French clays, rhassoul clay, kelp, and green tea powder in a bit of grape seed oil, and to the scented one, a blend of lavender and eucalyptus oils for scent (and benefits to ALL skin types). OMG, man, it's good.
Another new soap is my Goat Milk Banana Mango soap. This at the request of one of my customers. It smells rich and sweet, and the soap is a beautiful goat milk soap.  Mango butter is added at trace.
Brought back from last year's warm seasons and available very soon are Honeysuckle Hollow, Calendula Honey, Blueberry Cobbler, and White Jasmine.

Heads up - Whipped butters (all but the Mango) are in their last month of availability. Just letting those who read this know...they will go on sale the last few days of April.

5) I've made a major decision in my soap making career. I've decided to pull out of the Farmer's Market (65 minutes away) and put that focus into my online shop, gardening, and my family.  I have been a part of that market 5 years. I've made friendships that will last the rest of my life. :)  However, it requires 3 or more days a week to operate efficiently, and I've realized recently that has taken its toll on my family, health through gardening, and even myself.  This decision has brought a sense of relief and weightlifting. I hope you will see the results of this decision through my shop and activities here online.

Thank you for taking the time to catch up with Sweet Creek Herbs. I hope to be packaging y'all's order very soon.  ~kathleen


  1. I am so glad for your blog and your free shipping. But I will still come over, I like to 'sniff & shop' and chat with you in person!

  2. Thank you, Kim. I would prefer that you did!! :)

  3. Re neutral feedback. I find it really odd that most people get 100% positive feedback on etsy - I find that really un-natural and not at all a proper picture of the buying experience - but we are all scared to say what we actually think. I have bought pattens from etsy, sewing and crochet ones. At first glance they seem great, lots of pictures etc. So you give great feedback - and applaud how quick delivery was if applicable etc. However, when you actually set out to make the thing that's when you realise that the pattern actually has problems, as in unclear language or directions being so sparse you don't know what you are doing. I've recently had to contact someone who sold me a crochet pattern and ask her about it - which she found amusing as if I had all the problems! What she told me resolved the problem as the pattern had not said anything like she said (info was completely missing) and I would not have guessed. I have run in to further problems down the line with it but am reluctant to contact her again. Yet it is her basic lack of instructions that is to blame and not me. This I know! However, I gave her great feed back and it is too late to change it which annoys me. I give and get good feedback and I know that if I give negative feedback this might affect me but really, it's time we were all truthful. I did reserve giving feedback for one pattern until after I did it and was able to accurately tell her it was all good. I bought a folksy pattern yesterday and am still waiting for delivery - the longest I have had to wait for a pdf and she is in the same country on the same time as me. If I don't get it soon, she will get neutral even negative feedback. I want to know what to expect when I am buying online and so far feedback tells you nothing. If I knew that she was a late sender then I might have thought twice (it's a nice pattern though so perhaps not!) Anyway, I would listen to what comments have been made if any and try and put anything right that is in your power to do so. If they left no comments, perhaps it is something that seems no big deal to you but matters to the buyer. Perhaps it is just unfair - that happens too I'm sure.

  4. You know, I hear you. I have fixed up my foot balm in response to a neutral feedback. Also, I AM a little disappointed when customers give feedback just for receiving the item. I'd be much more interested in feedback regarding the use of my products. Thanks for your comments. :)