Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day

Good morning all:

This is one of my favorite days of the year...Earth Day.  I'm closer to Mama Earth today than ever before in my life.

I live in the woods between two ridges of Dogwood and Redbud beauty this time of year. Honeysuckle is greening up and blackberries are leafing out.

I live in a Hollow where I'm dependent on the weather for my garden crops and herbs' production.  I have no air conditioner to obstruct my relationship with the air I breathe, and my water comes from a spring.

When the weather is not good, it is not good for me, either. But, when the weather is good, it is perfect.

I'm surrounded by trees, bushes, and plants of all types. The stars show themselves at night when there are no clouds, because there are no lights to block their beauty.

Birds in abundance, as well as insects, bees, spiders, and snakes.  I appreciate them all as I see how they live in nature, dependent on each other for food.

My mother cherry tree fostered hundreds of little trees under her girth.  It looks like a Cherry Forest!
This time of year, life begins anew. I'm glad to witness it once again.  And, I'm thankful my life's path has led me here, close to Earth on Earth Day. :)

Thank you all for allowing me to breathe aloud my thoughts for the day.

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