Thursday, May 5, 2011

Art in Nature Photographer - Laurie Ryan

flowersGood morning all.

It was my fortune to run across this fellow Etsian a few weeks ago. We discussed a feeling we had in common and then begin talking trade. She makes the most exquisite note cards from her photographs.  I enjoy using note cards very much, and it was a pleasure doing business with her from beginning to end. I asked her if I may interview her for my blog, and she agreed.  Here are her words:

1.  What is your product? Tell us exactly what you are offering us?

Photographs, they capture the beauty of nature and all her creatures. My images are sold as art work to be framed and hung on the wall for decorations.

A Wisconsin Waterfall, my cousin Carols image2.  When did you begin and what inspired you to this end?

 I think I was born with a camera in my hand LOL but have been using a 35mm camera now for over 30 years went public in 2001

3.  Where do you work most? Out in the field or in the home. Is editing a part of your work?
printed note cards
I take the images out doors in beautiful settings, I market here at home. most of my editing just involves cropping

4.  How is it going?  What is different today from the visions you had when you began.
Nature's beauty reflected

I think it is going ok, I had to stop doing shows to care for a diabetic dog and that cut my sales pretty bad but success isn't always messured in sales IMHO
the gracefulness of a flying egret
5.  Why do you do it?

I love photography always have and I have a strong love to our Mother Earth
Cloud images
Photography is what keeps me going each day, I have a bad back and need to walk everyday and carrying a camera just adds to the fun of walking

You may enjoy note cards, too, as well as or maybe instead beautiful pictures framed around your home.  I'm sure she would enjoy your visits, too.

Thank you, Laurie, and thank you all again for taking the time to read me.~kathleen



  1. Lovely article! I love Laurie's beautiful still-life pictures, and always looking forward to see what she has captured next!

  2. Thank you so much for the article I really appreciate it no end!
    thank you ya'll for viewing this too