Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Aroma Wands & Pots

Hi again.

I'd like to share a new product of mine - Aroma Scents.  I make Aroma Wands in 2 ml slim long tubes and Aroma Pots in 5 ml clear pots.  These are strongly scented aromas (at 10%) and should be tested before wearing them. I make them simple with only beeswax, coconut oil, and fragrance.  I am offering several skin safe fragrances.

If I get more than a few requests for essential/natural or precious oils perfumes, I will also offer them regularly.  At the present, however, you may request them, and if I have it, I will make it for you.

The prices are very reasonable - a product I'm looking to share not exploit.  The wands are $2.50 and the pots are $4.45 each.  Priced quite nicely for stocking stuffers.

And, if you choose to Like my business Facebook page and you order in the month of July, you may request a Free Aroma Wand of your choice.

These lovely fragrance sticks and pots have a nice throw of 6 to 8 hours of scent when used on your pulse points. The pots look so lovely on your vanity, dresser, or nightstand, while the wands are so handy to have on the go.  They easily fit in a pocket, too.

Thanks!!! ~Kathleen

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