Friday, August 5, 2011

AUGUST NEWSLETTER Prices Reduced at Sweet Creek Herbs!!

Good morning!  August sees a.....

Price Reduction

I'm taking a different approach to my shop and it's help toward a better economy.  I was offering free shipping.  For shop owners, this is a toughie, because all the cash required to ship comes out of the seller's pocket.  This brings a $10.30 order to $6.50 for two soaps, which after costs and expenses, I am making $1.50 on the sale. If I sold 60 of these a day, I'd be good to go.  But, I don't and I'm not!  :)

I can afford to lose money on my product more than I can afford to lose money on shipping. Shipping is cash out of my pocket...product discounts are monies not coming in.  Not money going out.  This, I can afford more to lose.

So, I've restructured my product pricing.  I've lowered almost all my prices by a substantial amount.  Soaps are reduced $.80 a bar. Lip balms are reduced $.40 a balm. All 2 oz. jars (mask, butter, salves) are reduced $.75 and 4 oz. jars reduced $.95. Sprays are reduced $.20.  And check out the new pricing on the sample packs - yeah!! 

However, these prices are until we see a betterment in our economy.  I'm just taking a cut temporarily.  You see, my supplies continue to go up, while I just took my prices down.  Some day, I will have to adjust that.

New Products 

I've reintroduced my Calendula Honey soap - a bastardized castile (2/3 olive oil 1/3 coconut oil) - excellent soap - with calendula petals and local honey added to this beauty.  I've also made new fresh Jewel weed soap for poison ivy, oak, or sumac; and this year, I've added calendula petals and calendula oil to it - it is beautiful and so very functional. :)

Seven, yes count them, seven new lip balms are added to inventory. This brings my lip balm varieties up to over 40!! These new balms are made to be summer worthy.  They are linked by a new butter - kokum.  It is a very nice butter for lip balms, lips, and to hold balms together a bit better than other butters.   There are 2 balms that are using other new butters, as well.  My Acai Honey lip balm has acai butter (palm & shea butters, jojoba oil, and acai fruit pulp powder) and my Chai Tea is using Green Tea butter (sweet almond oil, green tea leaf powder, hydrogenated vegetable oil).  These balms seem to excel when the weather is warm and can handle the humidity.

New products, like chamomile eye cream and Natural Facial Toner were derived working with customers. If you would like to see a product offering in my shop you think is lacking, please contact me - I'm easy to work with.

New & Final Labeling

Have any of you seen it?  My new labels?  

I print my soap labels as needed, so they are all changed over.  However, my sticky labels print a page at a time or batches have not yet been remade and are in the transition stage.  But, all labels will look like what I'm showing you here.  I've changed my banner and avatar at Etsy to look like my packaging.  I'm very pleased with it.  Finally, after 7 years, I come up with what I really like.  Now, to find a printer, because these babies are expensive to print!!!

Well, it seems everything this month is "new".  New prices, new products, and new labeling.  
Yay! for new.  : )  

Wishing everyone naturally clean...........kathleen


  1. Yay for new indeed!

    I'm gonna be dropping by your shop next month for sure (this month has had too many expenses already and I'm not as much as home to get post) to get the mud pack mask and the chamomille eye cream!

    And I love the new labels, btw!

  2. I love it all. I really love your products, and so does my family!