Thursday, November 6, 2008

Breezy News

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

Good morning folks:

I have been getting ready for my 3 day Christmas craft show that is this weekend. It is in Kingsport, Tennessee at the Civic Auditorium, a big deal around here. I'm introducing a couple of new products...aromatherapy sprays in 2 ounce aluminum bottles, natural perfume oils, and a cuticle oil. I will be putting them up on my sites next week.

I operate two stores online, and they are more fun than any computer game I have ever played. I don't know if I'm winning or not (!), but I am sure having a lot of fun.
The above pledge sticker can be found on front page. I took the pledge as I think everyone at etsy is doing. You can take the pledge there or just by clicking on the above sticker. We have over 2200 pages of sign-ups! Wow! I have been doing this for years, but it is harder now...I have a 13 year old boy. He has his own mind about what he wants for Christmas. I believe it is dirt bike gear. Maybe he can get that another way.
It almost feels like a comfort that the election/campaigning is over. Like there is room in the brain for something else. Whew!
I'll be back Monday morning with a report on the Craft Show. These shows are almost over, and I will be able to regroup and come out again next year with more inventory, some new products, and a better way to display it!. We got a greenhouse this fall, and I cannot wait to jump in there this winter, too.
Y'all have a great weekend whatever you do. And, I'll be back Monday. Thanks for stopping by. I'd love to have your comments.


  1. Thanks for commenting on my new blog. I love your blog and I can't wait to learn more about what you do! You were asking if the natural things you make would work with the Mary Kay products that I sell. I would think so. Mary Kay products are all noncometogenic, eye products are tested by ophthalmologists and Mary Kay has been transitioning everything over to "mineral-based" so that the products are healthier for your skin.

    I'll be back to your blog afterwhile to look through everything you have on here and stop by mine often!


  2. Woops! I made a spelling typo! I meant "noncomedogenic".


  3. Thank you, Stephanie.
    I appreciate you coming by. I think mineral based cosmetics is the present and future. I think Mary Kay is smart.
    I will be back to your blog! :)