Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ordeal of Tooth Extraction No Fun

Good Morning, bloggers:

I have already wrote this story once, and I lost the whole thing due to an error on the part of this website. That teaches me to write the story first on Word, and then paste it here.

Well, anyway, let me write it again. It was an ordeal. I had two extracted, one pulled out and the other cut out (due to the stitches I feel on that side). Two teeth, one on each side of my head and of the upper teeth…one infected and one abscessed.

The Doctor surgeon asks if I want anesthesia. I think there is no way I’m going through this without it!

I wake up with gauze sticking out of both sides of my mouth. And, for some reason, I think I have a lot to say, with a lot of gauze in my mouth. Well, you get the picture.

My dearest friend drives me home. It is an hour drive, and it is the Longest Drive! I asked my friend to pull over twice to pull up that anesthesia from my belly (if you know what I mean :}). No pain but I was very nauseated from that anesthesia.

I crawled into bed soon after I am home, with my friend pulling off my clothes along the way to the bedroom. I crash for two hours.

Two days later, I am better but not great….but, definitely better. I feel a healing rather than a persistent problem. I think, though, the one that was cut out will heal more slowly than the other. It sure pains me more. And, nothing like the look of teeth missing in the in the mouth!!

While I am recuperating (yeah, right), and resting (LOL), I am crocheting the cutest pattern for wristlets or fingerless gloves I could find on the internet. I am making them for my mom on her soon to be birthday. ♥

I found the pattern at this site: . I thought they were so elegant looking. I am making my mom’s in Blue Sky Alpaca Silk in a coppery brown color. This yarn is so soft against the skin. I might edge it in a hand painted silk yarn, or edge it in the Alpaca Silk. I have not yet decided.

I hope to have the pair finished by my next blog. I will show a picture of the finished product. It is my first attempt at fingerless gloves, and I am enjoying the process.

In the meantime, you bloggers have fun. Please leave comments if you wish, and come back to check on my crochet project the next time. Thanks for stopping by.

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