Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Project


Today finds me beginning a new project I have been thinking on for two years.

I am going to crochet a tee shirt tunic for myself. I do very little crochet for myself - much for friends, and much more to sell, but little for me. It is almost like I am waiting for that perfect yarn to work on that perfect pattern that just never comes.

Well, I have heard that if you take a favorite garment, and crochet (or knit) to the shape of that garment, you will have made the "perfect" garment for you.

And, what is the "perfect" yarn? My definition would be yarn that is kind to the skin that does not cost a fortune.
I mentioned I have been thinking about this project two years. I have accumulated some yarn in that time, bamboo mostly, that was on sale here and there. But, I have found a yarn that excites me to work with and that I think will make a great tunic.
I went to where I found some Jaeger Roma in only three colors but on sale for $1.99!!

Yes, you see I bought 10 skeins. This yarn is often seen between $8 and $10. It is a soft and drapey blend of viscose, nylon and angora. The color above is a bit softer than what the pic portrays, and it matches my Bamboo Eco Luxe clothes from Spiegel. I have the dress, and this tunic would look great over the dress (my opinion).

And, I have a favorite tee shirt.

This morning, I popped it onto my dress form. And, I began my project.I am starting with the front. It measures 20 1/2 inches across for a slight flare at the bottom of the tunic. I will shape it to about 16 inches across by the time I reach my waist area. I will work this out, and I will post the pattern when finished.

I am doing this one in double crochet. I would like to do one in single crochet, but I am looking to motivate not discourage in my first attempt. Single crochet would take a while for me (but I love the fabric it creates). And, I am using a J hook.

If you would like to check out some yarn that you enjoy using but can rarely afford, check out smileys. I am pleased with their product and service. I also order from knitpicks ( They have nice prices at free shipping over $50. And, Smiley's does have a minimum order of $50. (But, that is NOT hard for me...I don't buy much else.)

Of course, I will keep you posted on my progress. And, thanks for being interested.

Yours, Kathleen

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