Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thank Yous

This is a multi-purpose write.

(First, the announcement for my new section at my Etsy shop.)


I hereby announce that Kathleen’s new section, Just Crochet, is now open in her etsy shop with many new and fancy accessories she has crocheted herself, all by hand.

Please come by and check out her headbands, neckwraps, scarves, necklaces, amulet bags, and more. You are very welcome to come by anytime, as she is open 24 hours a day!

Thank you!

(Second, but never last; a thank you to a friend)

I would like to thank a friend of mine who is helping me stage my photos. She shows me how to think outside the box. I don’t think she ever thinks inside the box! ♥

Do you ever come across a project in which you find yourself wondering what next step to take? This is where I find myself occasionally, and she is often there to take it with me. What a friend!

Thank you to her (who will probably never see this)!!!

And, that, my internet friends, is all I have to say today. Thank you for stopping by. Have fun and be safe!


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