Thursday, January 8, 2009

Labeling Skin Care Products

The title above will take you to an address that is an interesting read on ingredient labeling on skin care products.

I have researched skin care for more than four years. I have found that there is a big difference in opinion on what is good for our skin and what is not.

I come to the conclusion that it is good for our skin if:

1. we can pronounce the words in the ingredient list and know what they all are, and

2. we can eat those ingredients (except for the lye solution, but that's another blog).

backside of pure olive oil soap label

But, it is an interesting subject, because we have many soapmakers out here labeling many different ways. I have seen some label by all the Latin names, and even if they are all good for our skin, it appears to be chock full of chemicals. I’ve seen some call their soaps all natural, while using fragrance oils in their soaps. And, some melt and pour glycerin soap makers might want to reread the ingredients in their melt and pour soap. There is a process of extracting the glycerin from soap that might not be the greatest for our skin.

It may not be common knowledge, but in the “scent” world, fragrance oil is man made, and essential oil is plant made. I have put a serious search out there, but Wholesale Supplies Plus is the only wholesaler with “all natural fragrance oils”. But, at this time, I have no more information than that. I have used the Honey Almond and the Cucumber, and I must say they do not give me a headache when sniffed heavily.

I advocate truth in advertising, and, so do a lot of folks; but truth is a relative word.

I list all ingredients with the common name, so if we do not know what it is, we can look it up easily. I list them on all products whether it is required by law or not, because everyone has a right to know what they are putting in their mouths, as well as putting on their skin. And, I list all ingredients used in the making of all products.

When I say all natural, I mean there are no synthetic ingredients in the product. I will not claim all natural when fragrance oil is used in the product. I use no synthetic ingredients, except for a few fragrance oils used in some soaps and one salve, and a few flavor oils used in some lip butters.

The thing is, if you are going to go all natural in your skin care, you want to know that it is all natural. When a seller says “all natural”, just check the list of ingredients and do your research if you see something you are not sure of. And, sellers of skin care products on the internet are more talkative and more willing to answer questions (I think less distractions), so do not hesitate to ask.

First Aid Salve

close up of ingredient label

Thanks, again, Kathleen


  1. Great post. It is a huge pet peeve of mine to see people calling soap all natural when there are Fragrance oils. I've even seen soaps promoted as herbal that have chemical fragrance oils instead of essential oils

  2. I agree, Cory. And, it happens all the time.