Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Happy New Year, Everyone!

There is a lot of buzz about new year resolutions on the internet. Have you resolved to make one?

I found a site that I could relate to when it comes to how hard it is to change something. You can go to and read Anna Johnson's take on what it takes to make and keep a resolution.

I started my soap vending business 4 years ago January 18. The first year, I forgot I had a family. My second year, I resolved to spend time with my family. Each year, I make a little more time for my family without compromising my business. It is slow, but there is progress.

I think it hard to change a habit, too. I quit smoking four years ago last October 8. This was not a gradual thing; I quit cold turkey on October 8. I had a lung infection, it was not hard to start the quit, though maintaining it was difficult. And, I still want one occasionally.

I personally think everyone should resolve to try at least one handmade natural soap this year; from me would be nice, too. :) This way, they can find out how wonderful their skin was made to feel upon bathing - so clean, soft, and not dry.

Whatever you decide to do, Happy New Year to You! ♥

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