Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Products in the Making♥

Hi guys:

It has been awhile, but I have been so busy you would not believe. Not so much with orders (though I have had a few), but with everything...making soap, making salves and lip balms, cleaning house for the holidays, attending my son’s basketball games, unpacking from the craft shows, taking pictures for online stores, building new stores, baking, etc., etc.!

My Mom received her fingerless gloves, and I think she likes them. Thanks to everyone who asked. I would like to say what I am making her for Christmas, but someone told her about my blog, and I think she is reading it now. So, that will be a secret until after I send them. –

I am making some fun products this week. Yesterday, I remade a very popular fragranced soap: Honey Almond. It is an all natural fragrance oil put out by They have a few others, as well. I’m not crazy about their cucumber, but it may smell better in the soap. I haven’t tried that one, yet. But the Honey Almond I made in August wasn’t here long, so I am doing it again. Then, my UPS driver buys 6 of them, and they are not even out of the mold yet, much less cured for 4 weeks! lol

I’ve been using a recipe in which olive oil is the major oil with enough coconut and castor oils to make this olive oil a lathering soap. I give this recipe out at, if you are interested. But, the fun part is deciding on the additives. This soap, my additives are aloe butter, grape seed oil, calendula petals, paprika, and honey almond fragrance oil. I swirled the calendula and paprika mixed in with some of the soap into the base soap. And, it looks beautiful (it is pictured at the top of this blog). The calendula and paprika mixed to create a beautiful almond brown color.

Today, I am making my recipe for my Tropical Butter Salve. This is the first salve I made for the business. The gist of this recipe comes from Glory Bee’s catalog of 2004. It is rich in butters, coconut oil, avocado oil, and vitamin e with a fragrance of vanilla fragrance oil and grapefruit essential oil for a very tropical, “Where’s that Pina Colada?” At least, that is what I think of. It is very popular in its texture and fragrance both. I have a wholesale order for a few 1 oz. sizes that I am filling today.

When it rains, I have no Internet service. I use wildblue satellite, and it doesn’t do rain at all. It is rainy today, and I wrote this on Word. As soon as it stops raining, I will post it.

Thanks for coming by. I appreciate you doing so. Kathleen

(I am working on a new store at Only 3 soaps listed so far, but when the rain stops today, I will be putting up more. Thanks, guys!
It is now December 13 – and sun is shining. Up goes the post! ☻

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