Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Vinegar Rinse or No?

Hi guys:

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And, it seems we are still discussing shampoo bars. Do they need a vinegar or acid rinse or not? This seems to be a hot question online today.

NO, should be the answer we soap makers give to all our customers. "No, you do not NEED a acid rinse to use and benefit from a shampoo bar."

Here's the scoop on acid or vinegar rinses:

The first reason they were ever used, back before there were bottled conditioners or any type of synthetic soap, was to soften the hard water with which we rinsed our hair. In my herb books, this rinse is explained as the way our grandmothers conditioned their hair. Much of our water here in the states is hard. Limestone and other minerals abound in our water. And, most of us use water that runs through metal pipes, which adds mineral to the water. So, we deal with hard water. Vinegar, lime juice, lemon juice, and other acids will work to soften water; thereby softening our hair.

Now, as I peruse shampoo bar threads, I see that many people are under the misconception that a vinegar rinse is needed if you shampoo you hair.

I might be guilty for part of that, because I recommend using vinegar if you feel the need for a conditioner after using a shampoo bar. Why do I recommend this? Because, we want to keep it all natural on our head. That is the only reason.

We do not need an acid rinse to rinse out all the shampoo. In fact, an acid rinse just might do more harm than good. Because, if a shampoo bar is made well enough, then there will be lots of glycerin to condition the hair (without any help), and an acid rinse just might rinse out that extra glycerin. That would be sad.

I used vinegar for quite some time. My water is heavy in limestone, and I added essential oils for extra hair care. When I quit, my hair has less in it to weigh it down so it feels lighter and just as soft as ever. I thank the customer who challenged me on this.

And, I get a lot of these questions, because a lot of people are reading an acid rinse with shampoo bars is either necessary or makes it better. And, it just isn't true.

Well, I have said my piece. Everyone probably has one! :)

BTW, I made two soaps is Cucumber Parsley Face Soap (swirled), and the other is Eucalyptus Shampoo bar. It will be four weeks to list them.

Thanks, guys. I appreciate being your read. ;)

ps. Hi Mom♥


  1. Thanks for sharing this info! Happy soaping!

  2. I just love your shampoo bars and I am looking forward to trying your new ones. I just use a vinegar rinse every now and then. I did not know that it takes the glycerin out. Thanks for all the information.

  3. Thanks, Lori.

    I think that is what it does, Jen. I, too, use it once in awhile. But, I think it might not be necessary to do it at all.

    After the bombardment of commercials to condition our hair, we may think we need all this stuff. But, in fact, the natural shampoo bar may just do it all! :)