Thursday, December 4, 2008

So much to learn...

Hi folks:

I see by my google analytics that I have a few visitors popping in. Thanks for stopping by. It is good to know that I am not writing for naught! :)
I have a couple of things to say today:
1. I thought I had published my former blog a few days back. It is just going up today. I thought it had posted, but it was sitting in my list of blogs on my dashboard but nowhere on my blog page. It is published now, though, if you care to read it. It is what I promised to show when I finished my crocheted fingerless gloves.
And, I still have to learn how to post links to other sites on my blog. Haven't learned that one, yet. Well, I consider myself slow to catch on, but once there, never gone! I have an eBay store that I just got to look the way I wanted months ago. I guess that is not a bad thing unless you are online, then the speed thing kind of takes over!

2. This post is about my shampoo bars. I have been following a forum thread that is reviewing shampoo bars from different soap makers. I think mine is the 9th one reviewed, and it was a long wait. But, oh, so worth the wait. It received an excellent review from said author of blog. And, I have already received a customer from this review. See how fast everything is here online? Oh, gosh, you already know that!

She has a review of 9 different shampoo bars, and she is now comparing interview questions for 5 soaps makers, and I find this just as exciting as the reviews. If you would like to check her out, you might find some interesting reading.

I am answering questions on Yahoo, too, to spread my business name a bit; but also to let people know there are all natural alternatives to all health and beauty situations. And, interestingly enough, I am getting great feedback from the questioners regarding my answers.

And, real important to know is it does not have to be expensive. Watch those companies that want to take advantage of the "natural" trend. You want to stick with those who will be doing this before during and after a trend passes through. Their prices will be reasonable and consistent.
I am going to work on this page today and try to learn a few things. If you have any comments, I'd like to hear them. Otherwise, have safe fun! (At 52, safe fun is very good!)

Thanks, Kathleen

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