Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cypress Christmas - New Bath Soap

Hi again.

I've listed a new soap at my Etsy shop.

I'm going to answer a question I never do while writing my description. I'm going to write about why I made this soap.

First of all, it is a Holiday or winter, 2009 soap. And, I don't usually make "holiday" soaps. So, why make it?

I made my first holiday soap for Halloween with my Etsy street team (EGCG). It was so much fun, I wanted to do a holiday soap again. Christmas is the very next holiday I could get in on, and so, I made 2 actually (but, the second one is still curing and so not for peeking at until listed).

This one is scented with the essential oil of cypress - nothing else. Pine is a bit too sweet and pungent for my taste. Balsam fir is nice, but I made that three years ago, and it sold moderately. There are other evergreen scents, but I use cypress in many of my blends, and so it was the first one I thought of. And, it is wonderful. It smells like I am in an evergreen wood with the quietness of a new fallen snow.

I wanted to play with color a bit, too. I used parsley in part of my soap and layered it green and white. However, to do it again, I would add more soap to the parsley. But, it still has a nice appearance with an icing sort of top instead of a layered look.

And, this soap is the one that helped me see my new packaging with the "present" look about it. I really like my new labels, and this soap led to my seeing it. So, I will probably make this soap again.

Another reason for this soap is an excuse to use hemp seed oil added at trace (instead of in the
recipe, like my Eucalyptus Lime soap). I wondered at the lather of such a soap - hemp seed tends to add creamy richness to lather and conditioning properties, too. This recipe is already
quite lathering, so I am curious.

And, my curiosity is quite gratified. I took this soap to my kitchen sink and washed my hands with it. Wow! The lather is just wonderful - thick, rich, creamy, and bubbly.

You may want to take a look at this beautiful soap today. Thanks for reading. :)k

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