Friday, November 13, 2009

Winter Whipped Butter

I've just got to talk about my new whipped butter.

Up until now, I've just whipped shea butter. It is a super butter to whip and when adding about 25% oils to it while whipping, it is awesome in its ability to sink into the skin and leave it ever so soft.

So, whipping mango butter is a new experience for me. But, it is awesome, too. Upon whipping a blend of mostly mango butter, some shealoe butter, and the coffee butter, this product takes on the consistency of whipped cream. It is so scrumptious looking.

What brought on the idea was finding jasmine floral wax and coffee butter on sale with one of my suppliers. They had more than that on sale, but these two new items "beckoned" me. Lol.

Coffee and jasmine - just sounded so good. I knew I could not use shea butter, because the aroma would offset the aroma of the two new ingredients. So, mango butter is so low on the aroma scale, I decided to try whipping it. I love whipping it and using it whipped. It is a very softening butter and melts right into the skin when whipped with other products. It is awesome in appearance when whipped, too.

The coffee butter melts real well and whips nicely with the mango butter. The jasmine floral wax is tough to melt. It has to be melted above the using temp. and brought back down to the using temp. before whipping it into the product.

After whipping my ingredients, I found the coffee butter stronger in aroma than the jasmine. So, I added a couple of drops of jasmine sambac absolute and hand stirred each butter jar. I felt like I was working an apothecary. It was so cool. And, I got to hand stir each jar of butter for my customers.

Did you know a hand stirred butter is a very airy butter with wonderful moisturizing properties? I am enjoying mine so much right now. I hope you find it in yourself to enjoy one, too.

Again, thank you for reading. :)k