Sunday, November 22, 2009

Eureka Inn Etsy Holiday Craft Show Pictures

Hi everyone:

This was a fun show. I have never done a craft show of this type.

First, almost all the vendors are Etsy sellers. That is a first for me. And, it was awesome and so much fun to talk "Etsy" comparing notes and techniques. I have worked many craft shows, and this was the first time there was a camaraderie deeper than usual. A
nice connection.

Second, this show was held in a historic Inn. Every room in this Inn is different from the rest; they are all unique. They are also named along with a number, not just a number. I set up in the
Garden View Room, while across from me was The Cook's Room. They were all decorated according to their name.

Third, I was the only soap maker there. Yay! That is a lot of fun and extremely rare. So, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I met three vendors I would like to interview and show their wares on my blog. Be looking for that.

Enjoy the pictures. Thanks for reading again. :)K

PS. One of my products, my new Whipped Winter Butter, is in a treasury through Tuesday. I'd love to have you check it out at:


  1. I asked on twitter....I was wondering about this show. You said it was a lot of Etsy sellers. Was it a street team event?
    Also, I clicked on your facebook link to fan you, but it took me to the facebook home page, not your fan page.

  2. That must have been amazing!
    I'd love to go to a craft show like that!

  3. No, BlackStar, it was not sponsored by Etsy. But, it was originated by an Etsy seller who is local to me, and she invited local Etsy sellers to participate in this show. It was a way to promote Etsy and our own online shops. It was way cool.
    I fixed my fan page, BlackStar, if you still want to Become a Fan. :) and Thank you.

    Pili, it was so cool. It was fun for the vendors and the customers. The rooms were amazing, and there was such companionship among the sellers.