Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Rare Occurrence - A Sale at Sweet Creek Herbs

Hi you all.

This is a short blog to let you know about a fantastic sale going on right now at Sweet Creek Herbs.

This sale will last November 1 through November 7.

It is the easiest sale - all you have to do is order $10 minimum and checkout with PayPal or Google.

I will refund 15% to any and all orders that total at least $10 before shipping through PayPal or Google.
I have just introduced 22 new products for the winter, 2009, mostly for the feet and face, but other products, too. This is a great time to try out my new products. It is also a good time to try out products priced a bit higher than our budget normally allows.

And, it is NOT too early to think about Christmas gifts.


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