Monday, November 1, 2010

Promotional Giveaway at Sweet Creek Herbs

Hello again...

I'm doing a promotional giveaway November 1 through 8. I'm giving away a sample of my newest whipped shea butter and a lip balm with every order regardless of how small is may be.

My new whipped butter is based on a few customer requests. 1) something vegan friendly, 2) sinks in super fast - no greasy feeling even without the emu oil, 3) less shea and more light oil or jojoba added, and 4) light and creamy

So, I've created a wonderful recipe, I think, of 50% shea (as opposed to 75%) with aloe butter added. Aloe butter is really aloe enfleuraged in coconut oil. (A very nice skin oil that is not drying unless used too much in a soap recipe.) To the butters, I add jojoba and an herbal oil I make for my MEmu Oil, which consists of marshmallow root, echinacea leaf, and elder flowers macerated in extra virgin olive oil. And, that is all.

Having less butter and no wax (so you may use it on your face!), this is a creamier lighter butter, not as stiff even upon setting. It melts right on the skin and is very easy to spread and/or massage in. And, it sinks in quick.

I have a story about the sinking in...last night I burned my foot using a concentration of essential oils too powerful for our skin - it was a mistake. It burned and burned (cinnamon, clove, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary) and I knew to cut it with oil (not water). So, I reached for my pot of this butter and coated my foot with it - it eased the pain pretty quickly and in an hour, it had soaked into my foot. Boy, was my foot soft all over! An hour is a long time - but I had that butter on thick - I wasn't using it as a moisturizer, I was trying to cut the eo's and ease the burning pain. And, it did do that. :D

Anyway - promotional giveaway. A little warm up before the Holiday madness. :) I hope you choose to enjoy it.

Thanks again - Kathleen

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  1. What a lovely idea! Such a reward for regular and new clients!