Friday, November 5, 2010

Who loves you, Baby?

Hi again.

I am pondering a subject the last few days. How to find and promote your product to the right market. It is funny how when something occupies my mind I keep running across the topic from other sources. Etsy's storque has been bantering this about, too. The common theme is that your market isn't you, but others, usually with money.

Okay, I have to put the brakes on here. I'm thinking some of us play to the market of us and we are correct in doing so. I know my market is me! And, of course, those like me. I'm glad to have all others - I think my products' quality rises to meet all of our needs and wants. But, affordable quality skin care is my motto, so affordable has to apply to all of us, even me. :)

What if your market is everyone?

Again, I have men products, unisex products, children products, pet products, and fun stuff for everyone. I make fragrant free products, green herbal all natural products, sweetly scented products, exotic from other lands products, etc.

And, this is not just because I'm a soapmaker. I am a soapmaker of one type - there are several types, I've noticed. My type is simple. I realize the simpler I make a product, the more appealing it is to my customers and the better it sells. Not hard for me - staying simple. When I get carried away and try to complicate things, my product suffers. So, I know my type.

The other types are wonderful. There is the fancy type. The complex type. The round type. The mold type. And, many more, I'm sure.

I go out into the other shops both on and off Etsy, and some of these soaps are just gorgeous. Who is their market? I wonder.

As the Holidays fast approach, I'm reminded again to promote to my market. And, I say again, my market is everyone. In a way that makes it simple, I just promote to everyone. In another way, I wonder if I'm right? hahahahahaha

Anyway, thanks for reading my ramble. Sometimes, it is just what I need to do.


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  1. About a year ago, I would not have considered myself in your market.

    I was a convenience shopper; I bought many products in one trip (mall) or on one website (Amazon). The mall beauty chains are filled with mass-produced and heavily scented a la carte items and gift sets. I returned home from a few trips empty-handed because after a while, the scents gave me a headache. I had to leave!

    Last year, I began looking for something different... and found you. I chose your shop because of your positive customer feedback, your quality products/listings, and your holiday incentive (free shipping offer). Also: as you know, samples build sales!

    I have never referred anyone to Bath and Body Works in the decade-plus that I shopped there. However, in one year, I have told countless people about who you are and what you do. I write reviews, send tweets, add feedback to your Etsy page, and pass out samples at my own business.

    I'm glad to be in your market, and you can count on my help in any way that I can offer it. Just ask!