Monday, November 29, 2010

Tribute to a Reviewer

Hi Online Small Business Owners (and anyone else who wants to read this):

I just had a wakeup call!

How many times has a youtube (or other) "guru" emailed you with the intent to have you send them free products so that they may review them for you online? Me? I have had several times many. Too many. And, unfortunately, I have sent some free stuff out. Guess what? Never was I contacted again in those instances. No reviews, no response to my emails, etc. *shakes head* Have you had like experiences?

Today, I received an email from someone who does reviews on youtube. Not only that, she has placed her second order. She placed her first one without fanfare - I didn't know about her youtube presence. So, she was treated like all my customers. That is important for us to realize. How can a reviewer talk about our customer service without experiencing what all customers experience?

She might have not told me now except one her followers is asking about some of my other products, and she wanted to know which ones were top sellers.

My lesson in this? Other than what I've already said, "No, to all the freebie requests." How disrespectful anyway! We work hard and longer hours than we are paid for to produce products we are proud to sell around the world. And, some one writes and asks if they can have it for free.

Thank you, Janee. ♥ You are an awesome lady!!



  1. I agree! I always do my reviews based on products I buy, and if I get sent any freebies, like samples and the like, I do consider it an absolute treat!

    And that's a great review, btw!